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After some time and many talks... we will provide new rates and new stuff...
I think for now it is good enought to play alone or in team.

ANY NEW ACCOUNT GET 7 days of free premium and 150pts to SHOP !

You dont have to wait for druid to do some UHs.. You can buy it in shop.. Dont want to waste cash? Ok, then do it by Yourself.
Even if you do too much, you can sell them to NPC.. .

So.. Solo or with PPL - now You can enjoy the server and play :)

Exp - 10x
Magic - 15x
Skill - 15x
Loot - 5x

No SOUL POINTS ! - they are on, but You wont use them.
SoftBoots are in - and they never ends :)

There are:

  • Merchant (sell and buy eq)
  • Druid and Sorc sellers (the sell and buy runes - not all!)
  • Task system
  • Houses on auction on site only!
  • Shop on site - new one :)

New RL map edited. Like in 7.72 stuffs.. .no poi etc.

Quests are on. Postman etc....

New places - training rooms on each city (for now)

Map will be edited some, but later..
This is final version .

Engine is stable, vps is good enought.. so now we will advertise it and we welcome You all to our new server .

New rates, new client, new engine.. all for You!

Check it out by yourself!

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